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Chevy Silverado evap code P0449 P0455

Is your Chevy Silverado check engine light come on? Did you get an Evap code P0449 or P0445? Maybe even the auto parts store told you to try a new gas cap and the light is still on? If you have a check engine light on in your Chevy Silverado and it is showing an Evaporative Emissions code, Sandalwood Car Care can accurately diagnose your truck's issue and in many cases have you back on the road the same day with a nationwide warranty. Evap codes generally do not effect your vehicle's performance but will impact your vehicle's emissions and could lead to additional issues down the road. You may even notice a slight fuel smell since there is a leak. There a few main causes for evap codes in your Chevy Truck: - Gas caps can be a likely culpirt if left on loose or the seals have worn out - your vehicle's evap system is pressurized if the cap doesn't seal - Evap Canisters (charcoal canisters) these are generally the culprit if gas cap does not clear codes ... read more

Check Engine Light Is On

It's a busy weekday morning. You barely get out the door in time, and when you get to the car, start the ignition, and a dashboard warning light comes on- the check engine light. Uh-oh. The check engine light is probably every drivers most hated warning light. It gives no details about what is wrong, and the list of potential problems goes on and on, ranging from minor malfunctions to costly problems. NOTE: If your check engine light comes on and is flashing, this indicates a serious problem and you should get to the nearest auto repair facility immediately. Top 3 Most Common Causes of the Check Engine LightOxygen Sensor : The oxygen sensors in your car helps determine how much fuel you burn. A defective oxygen sensor effects mileage calculation and leads to a decrease in fuel economy. While oxygen sensors are a relatively easy and inexpensive part to replace, failing to replace them in time can eventually destroy your catalytic converter. And dependin ... read more

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